Author:Christoph Kumpusch
Translator: Zhou Shining, Chen Yingze, Luo Dan
Organization: UED
Language: Chinese
Product deminsons: 229mm x 178mm
Hardcover: 1032 pages
Price: 988.00 RMB
Publication date: April,2016
Publisher: Northern Joint Publishing Media (Group) Co., Ltd
                   Liaoning Science and Technology Press Co., Ltd
"Detail culture" is an academic pilgrimage initiated by Christoph Kumpusch who is the professor of Columbia University.With ideals and beliefs, he created this architectural classic that goes through time and space to dialogue with masters. Not only has he carefully prepared readers with an architectural detail feast, but inaugurated a new area of architectural detail study as well.
This 1032 page collection helps reveal the ultimate origin of architectural beauty other than any traditional theme, by 10 lens of detail culture, 12+1 classic cases with interpretations, and one on one interviews with 12 architectural masters to solve all your confusion about architectural details.