Author:gmp von Gerkan, Marg and Partners Architects, UED magazine ed.
Organization: gmp/UED
Language: Chinese / English
Product deminsons: 210mm×285mm
Hardcover: 524 pages
Price: 580 RMB
Publication date: August, 2013
Publisher:Liaoning science and Technology Press Co., Ltd.
Book introduction: Architecture is the social application of Art—which is not only the interpretation on a linguistic level of gmp's architecture style, but also the expression of gmp's architectural style.The book gathers together hundreds of gmp buildings all around the world and conveys gmp’s interpretation of the social responsibility of architectural art.
Ways of editing: The contents of gmp works and theories determine the structure of the book. In order to create a comfortable reading experience, the images and the texts have been separated. The first 444 pages include the introduction and images of the outstanding gmp works all around Asia, Africa, Europe and South America, while the last 80 pages in a reversed order analyze the themes and principles of gmp throughout years.