Author:Yao Renxi
Organization: Dayuan building /UED
Language: Chinese / English
Product deminsons: 300mmX300mm
Hardcove: 195 pages
Price: 480 RMB
Publication date: August, 2015
Publisher: Liaoning science and Technology Press Co., Ltd.
The book carefully selects 30 various types of works throughout the thirty year history of Yao Renxi | Dayuan building. In order to record and memorize our efforts to construct contemporary spaces and spirits and enhance cultural connotation, the book is presented with 3 series:
"Art" space is classic, highlighting the historic and cultural atmosphere by solid entities
"Public" space focuses on the aggregation of human beings, providing a stage for ordinary people;
"Thinking" space is to build a stable, peaceful place of mind by the power of silent buildings.