Author: Baogui Zhang
Organization: UED
Language: Chinese
Product deminsons:230mm x 160mm
Paperback: 360pages
Price: 68.00 RMB
Publication date: October,2013
Publisher: Liaoning Science and Technology Press Co., Ltd
Book introduction: The book presents Zhang Baogui’s 25 years of material practice in forms of conversations on architecture, art, material and environment with more than 30 architects such as Wu Liangyong, Zhang Jinqiu, He Jingtang, Cheng Taining, Cui Kai, Qi Xin, Zhou Kai, and Liu Kecheng.
Ways of editing: In order to better exhibit the materialistic features of decorative concrete wall, the book carefully selects images of material details to make the texture prominent. Meanwhile, images of architectural details have been adjusted to black and white to fit in different contexts.