Organization: UED
Language: Chinese
Product deminsons: 210mm x 210mm
Hardcover: 372 pages
Price: 198.00 RMB
Publication date: 2015
Publisher: Northern Joint Publishing Media (Group) Co., Ltd
                   Liaoning Science and Technology Press Co., Ltd
Staring from 2012, the UIA-HYP International Student Competition in Architectural Design is an annual international competition facing university students all around the world. Each year, the Chairman of the jury is an internationally well-known architectural master, while the jury members are internationally famous architects and deans. After 4 years of practice, this international college student competition initiated by Chinese academic institutions has already become one of the largest, most influential and trustworthy student competition, and had wide impact on architectural education worldwide.
The book presents with the most accurate architectural language and the most exciting project images selected from more than 10 thousand award winning works and professional comments from 39 international master judges. Its 372 page contents try to demonstrate the essence of the award winning projects of the UIA-HYP International Student Competition in Architectural Design in 4 years, and to display the vigor of contemporary college students.