Sponsored by Zhong’an Chuanggu Technology Park Co. Ltd., and co-organized by CBC Architectural Institute, Arcplus Group PLC, Zhaopin.com, Zhong’an Chuanggu Bridge of Entrepreneur International Design Competition aims to use the power of design to make new landmark and take the bridge as carrier to connect entrepreneur and future. 

Attracting hundreds of enrollment, there were finally 50 standing out and listed as prize-winners. The final result is including: 1 entry for First Prize Winner, 2 entries for Second Prize Winner, 3 entries for Third Prize Winner and 44 entries for Honorable Mention. 

In Internet and Digital era, the form and function of “Bridge” should be redefined. Bridge is not only a tool which physically crossover the obstacle, but it is also an important infrastructure that mutually link the people feelings together. 

The following works are the entries for the selected winners and their interpretation of “Bridge of Entrepreneur” 


The First Prize

Title: Illusion

Group member: WANG Fan

Institute T. Y. Lin International Engineering Consulting(China)Co., Ltd




Design Concept

Resembling “heartbeat line”, this proposal indicates a lively and dynamic design concept which is highly corespondent with the cultural connotation, industrial orientation and entrepreneurship of Zhong’an Chuang Gu technology park. 

Without redundancy, this design proposal is elegant and presented as one consistent beautiful line. It exhibits different visual attractions to audience from different angels, with the shape of the capitals of the name of “Zhong An Entrepreneurship”(Z,A,E) subtly displaying, seen as a tailor-made proposal for the technology park. 

The route in the proposal is arranged within the zigzag pattern and it is a clever solution to meeting crossing-street needs and connecting the first and the second phase of construction. Structured as the cable-stayed, the bearing beam of the bridge has a resilient support from the cable while and variety of lines adds the sense of contemporary technology. 


The Second Prize   

Title:Bridge of Entrepreneur

Group Member:Adel Nourani Shiva

Institute:Graduated Bachelor of Architecture


Design Concept:

Mobius Bar Pattern for Entrepreneurship (Moving After Getting Back to the First Point)

Stable entrepreneurship can create a new perspective on the relationship between business and society. Prominent thinkers from all over the world, as well as civil society and politics, have created a new pattern of sustainability. The Latin Dictionary of Sustainable Entrepreneurship is designed for new sustainability leaders who are designing new business strategies. This book examines organizational success.



TitleMarket of Entrepreneur

Group MemberZHANG Anxiao, SUN Yanchen

InstituteTianjing University




Design Concept:

Entrepreneur need a space to communicate and share message. Exchanging ideas with fellows,, seeking potential clients and promoting products,, those being very alike with daily behaviour conducted in “market”. Therefore, this design came out with the idea of “Entrepreneurial Market”, trying to alter traditional market space and form new space above the bridge meet the needs of entrepreneur to communicate.

The appearance of the bridge is originated from the chambered roof of traditional market while endowed with modern design techniques, adding new urban landscape for the city. Modular Design (2m*2m) is applied to the space above the bridge which could serve for speeches,  exhibitions, recruitment, saloon, new product release and many other activities. Besides, spatial layout including rising and sinking space make entrepreneur rest and stay, which accelerate the possibilities of communication. 


  The Third Prize

TitleFuture: Bi-Bridge

Group MemberWANG Kuan, ZHAO Yawei, WANG lin, XIAO Yi, WANG Kai, LEE Youcheng

InstituteKUAN Architects(UCD),Tianjing University, Beijing Jiaotong University




Design Concept:

The whole proposal is guided under the concept of “life-creating, technology, and future”. Double helix is the major structure and basis of the bridge, indicating the meaning of “beginning and life”, whereas linking objects echos complex, related and systematic connection in the web world. It is highly technological and futuristic in terms of its smooth curves. The whole bridge of Entrepreneurship is merged with the current road, and quite like that there emerged a bridge above the road, embodying consciousness to serve and innovate. In a word, this proposal fully consider the nature of the technology park and design a building of landmark significance. 

 Title:The Gate To Innovation

Group Member:Zijian Li 




The bridge serves to connect two parts of the technology park, to make it convenient. The starting point is to seek a design to emphasize the 'connection', or even symbolize the 'connection'. The design proposed to 'tie a knot' in the middle of the road, this action tie the two parts of park together instead of only 'linking'. The 'knot' frames the views and becomes a landmark for the entrance. This 'window' can be multi-purposed, it can be stage for a concert, or screen space for outdoor movie.



TitleBridge of Encounter

Group MemberLU Chao




Design Concept 

Bridge is not again purely function for passing though, but it also can become an elevated flyover garden park. Here, you can sit down under the tree canopy, relax and escape from the exhausting work; Here, you can enjoy the serenity and listen to the sound of fountain, flowing of water, the singing of bird and accompanied with blooming flower; Here, you can sit on swing chair and blank your mind, bath in the starry night; Here, entrepreneurs meet each other and ignite the spark of creativity. 

The floor plan imitates the silhouette of winter plum tree and induces the poetic connection inside this technology park. The design of multi-entry points (lift, slope, and staircase) invites more possibility of encounter happens. The up-down juxtaposing flower-platform functions as the quiet node beside main road. Like a 3D floating forest which intertwined in between the buildings. These flower-platforms planted with tree or build with the water fountain….like 12 tranquil garden bay floating among the trees. 


About Zhong'an Chunaggu Technology Park


Zhong’an Chuanggu Technology Park is one of the technology-themed development scheme which is empowered with the concept of “Co-maker space, Business Incubator, Industry Accelerator, Industry base and fund cluster” . “Financial Technology”, “Information Technology”, “Artificial Intelligence” and “Healthy & Well-being” become 4 core industries to sustain its entrepreneur-cycle services and altogether to success this iconic development project in Anhui Province. 


Organizer believes that competition “Bridge of Entrepreneur” will be served as a platform to gather the wisdom from all over the world with an intention to develop new ideas in building an international technology park in the future in a fresh light where focusing on the communication between people, cities and architectural spaces.


Aerial View of Zhong’an Chuanggu Technology Park 


photos credited to Zhong'an Chuanggu