Zhong’an Chuanggu Technology Park International Design Competition - "Bridge of Entrepreneur" was launched on 15thMarch 2018. After the successful in-campus briefing sessions in 5 prestigious universities in China: University Of Science And Technology Of China, Tsinghua University, Shenzhen University, Zhejiang University and Fudan University, the competition briefing session was also held in a few top universities in international level such as Harvard University, Yale University and MIT. 

The theme message of “Prevailing of Creativity” has been getting highly concerned in local and foreign media. At the same time, it had successfully attracted the interest and participation of student and designer all around the world. 
After 4 months of competition schedule, there were almost 2000 enterprises contribute in entry-participation and voting session. Finally, 50 outstanding entries were shortlisted. 
The final result is including: 1 entry for First Prize Winner, 2 entries for Second Prize Winner, 3 entries for Third Prize Winner and 44 entries for Honorable Mention. 



The First Prize


Group memberWANG Fan

InstituteT. Y. Lin International Engineering ConsultingChinaCo., Ltd


The Second Prize

TitleBridge of Entrepreneur

Group MemberAdel Nourani Shiva

InstituteGraduated Bachelor of Architecture


TitleMarket of Entrepreneur

Group MemberZHANG Anxiao, SUN Yanchen

InstituteTianjing University


 The Third Prize

TitleFuture: Bi-Bridge

Group MemberWANG Kuan, ZHAO Yawei, WANG lin, XIAO Yi, WANG Kai, LEE Youcheng

InstituteKUAN Architects(UCD),Tianjing University, Beijing Jiaotong University

TitleThe Gate To Innovation

Group MemberZijian Li 


TitleBridge of Encounter

Group MemberLU Chao


Background and Definition

In 21th century, the form and function of “Bridge” should be redefined. Instead of only serves as a connection facility, the “Bridge” is also playing other significant roles like: an iconic landmark; a combination of aesthetic and technology; a linear urban facility also; a connection of physical and social space. 

“Bridge of Entrepreneur” aims to emphasis its cultural context and at the same time showcasing its iconic creativity to corresponding its high-tech and contemporary feature in Zhong’an Chunaggu Technology Park.

Background of Site

Zhong’an Chuanggu Technology Park is one of the technology-themed development scheme which is empowered with the concept of “Co-maker space, Business Incubator, Industry Accelerator, Industry base and fund cluster” . “Financial Technology”, “Information Technology”, “Artificial Intelligence” and “Healthy & Well-being” become 
4 core industries to sustain its entrepreneur-cycle services and altogether to success this iconic development project in Anhui Province. 
Organizer believes that competition “Bridge of Entrepreneur” will be served as a platform to gather the wisdom from all over the world with an intention to develop new ideas in building an international technology park in the future in a fresh light where focusing on the communication between people, cities and architectural spaces.

Aerial View of Zhong’an Chuanggu Technology Park 
Perspective view of Zhong’an Chuanggu Technology Park 

Hosting Organization

Anhui Zhongan Chuanggu Technology Park

Co- Hosting Organization

CBC (China Building Centre)

Arcplus Group PLC