Quick Facts about CBC (China Building Centre) on Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism

Creation of Spatial Value

Opening Session
8 September 2019

Venue (Thematic Exhibition)
Dongdaemun Design Plaza(DDP), Seoul, Republic of Korea

Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism (SBAU) first opened in September of 2017. It is an international event that connects global cities’ contemporary and future aspects that are not limited to Seoul.

The theme of 2019 SBAU is Collective City and it will be held from September 07 to November 10, 2019. SBAU proposes to engage in this global dialogue with partners from multiple cities around the world to identify innovative forms of collectivity as both spatial constructs, forms of speculation and research, modes of governance and new social practices.

CBC (China Building Centre) is the only Chinese group invited to 2019 SBAU. The theme of the exhibition is "Creation of Space Value" and the two projects you will see on the exhibition are "Louna International Architects' Village" and "Q-Village Xiamutang". The works of renowned architects Ryue Nishizawa, Seung H-Sang, Cui Kai, Li Xinggang and Na Risi will be shown on the exhibition.

CBC (China Building Centre) is one of the most influential research and practice organizations in the field of urban and rural innovation & development of China. In the new era, CBC has proposed the idea “Space creates value”, seeking a balance between social development, economy, culture and ecology. By using model such as “Master Camp”, “Design Competition”, “Cluster Design“, CBC has innovatively solved urban and rural issues.