Dialogue with URBANUS

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URBANUS · Symbiosis: The Second Decade

Amale Andraos URBANUS

Zhou Rong Urbanus in Two Decades— Its Time and Its Tomorrow

Dai Chun City as Methodology—Urban Narratives in Urbanus’ Practice

Urban Coexistence: Nantou Old Town Preservation & Regeneration, Shenzhen

The City on Top: SHUM YIP UpperHills LOFT, Shenzhen

DenCity: A Hypothesis of High Density Living

Liu Xiaodu

Liu Xiaodu  From Professional Practice to Research-led Design

Barcelona Re.Set—Identity Pavilion

Hongdu Old Factories Renovation, Nanchang

Hui Hotel, Shenzhen

Banxuegang Art Center and Surrounding Block Architecture Conceptual Design, Shenzhen

Meng Yan

Meng Yan  From Labyrinth to Stacked Verticality

Preservation & Regeneration of Qianmen East Hutong Area, Beijing

The Southern University of Science and Technology Library

Artron Art Center, Shenzhen

Zhongdian Complex, Shenzhen

CGN Headquarters Building, Shenzhen

Vertical Cultural Cluster 1—Yuehai Community Culture and Sports Center, Shenzhen

Vertical Cultural Cluster 2—Futian Cultural Center, Shenzhen

Wang Hui

Huang Juzheng, Wang Hui URBANUS in Beijing

Wang Hui From Devalued Time to Upvalued Space

“Now Factory” Creative Office Park, Jiading, Shanghai

Pingshan Cultural Complex, Shenzhen

Beijing Design Week Renovation Projects in Dashilar

Environmental Upgrade of the Five Dragons Temple, Ruicheng, Shanxi

Botanic Garden of International Horticultural Exhibition 2019, Beijing

Urban Research

Li Xiangning URBANUS—Programming the Urban Interface

Travis Bunt Huaqiangbei CATIC City Urban Design and
Shanghai Hotel Renovation, Shenzhen
Travis Bunt  Baishizhou 5 Villages Urban Regeneration Research, Shenzhen

Hubei Old Village Preservation Research and the “Hubei 120” Public Project, Shenzhen

Wang Yuan  Rethinking the 2017 UABB and the Urban Village Issuses

Curations + Exhibitions

Meng Yan  City as Biennale, Exhibition is Action
—2017 UABB

Liu Xiaodu+UPRD  A Reachable Utopia in Shenzhen
— China Pavilion, London Design Biennale 2016

Meng Yan  Shenzhen · Frontier for China Dreams
—Shenzhen Case Pavilion, EXPO 2010 Shanghai



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