Dialogue with Wang Xiangrong & Lin Qing

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Cultural Nature

Atelier DYJG

Martha Schwartz  Wang Xiangrong: a Pioneering and Influential Landscape Architect

Adriaan Geuze  Wang Xiangrong’s Contemporary Landscape Design

Tang Keyang  Wang Xiangrong’s New West Lake

Wang Xiangrong, Lin Qing  Cultural Nature

Quarry Gardens in Nanning Garden Expo Park

No. 1 Quarry — Rosy Pond

No. 2 Quarry — Aquatic Garden

No. 3 Quarry — Rock Garden

No. 4 Quarry — Cliff Pool

No. 5 Quarry — Waterfall Lake

No. 6 Quarry — Terrace Garden

No. 7 Quarry — Twin Pits Garden

Aqueduct Bridge

Information Pavilion

South Entrance Square

Seminar of Quarry Gardens in Nanning Garden Expo Park

Yunyang Waterfront Park and Green Corridor

Jiang-Yang-Fan Eco-park

Qinglongshan Cultural Plaza

Four Boxes Garden

Garden of Heart

Zhuhai Garden

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