Design For ChongQing

Lead Guest Editor

Design for City·Chongqing Talk

Chongqing Memory

Yang Yuzhen Ten Sections of Chongqing City: A Literary Collage

He Zhiya An Analysis of the Origin of the Bayu Architectural Style

Liu Jinghuo Transformation

——Huangjueping: a Microcosm of Chongqing in the Past 100 Years

Peng Yaoling  The Past and Future of the Yuzhong Peninsula in Chongqing

Zhang Rui,Fang Qianjiang Visible History, Tangible Nostalgia

Three-dimensional Chongqing

Du Chunlan  Dwelling in the Land:

Research on Urban Landscape Space in Chongqing

Li Xiangbei  Magical City · Creation of Space and Other

Wei Haoyan,Zheng Xi  A Thousand Miles of Small Travels
——Traffic Diversification of Chongqing

Chen Xiaohu  Bridges Make Chongqing Unique

Ma Min,Hao Dapeng  Rediscovering the Tradition of Regional Constrction
 ——Exploration and Practice of Huxi Campus of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute

Yue Yang  Chongqing S.M.L

ChongQing Design

Guotai Style from Tradition to Modernity

——Chongqing Guotai Arts Center

Roof of Deconstruction : Yunyang Sifangjing Service Building

Design Department of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, New Campus

Chongqing Forbidden City College

Red and Blue—The Fire Station and Police Station

of Jiangnan New District, Wanzhou, Chongqing

Yuanshan·Kiln—Reconstruction and Activation of Huxi

Earthenware Factory under Low Technology Strategy

UED architecture savour —— Zhaojun Museum

Architects' Opportunities and Challenges
——Interview with Xu Weiguo & Tang qing

Ren Lina Cultural Issues: The Power of Contemporary Art Experiments and History
——Wang Mingxian Contemporary Art Exhibition

Cao Mingzhen, Gu Zhenhua, Gao Zhikai  Repair the old and make it as good as new;

Suitable for the old and new