Official opening of “BRIDGING” Yongxin Old City Wenxing Bridge International Design Competition is coming!Join us to create a bridge, transcending its conventional “bridge” functions and activate the public space of the old city.

Yongxin's landscape pattern ©Yongxin County People’s Government

With the improvement of life
Currently, A bridge not only functions as the connection between banks,
it is also a linkage among the local society.
“BRIDGING” Yongxin Old City Wenxing Bridge International Design Competition
is aiming to collect creative and feasible designs globally
to create a future-oriented bridge.
It`s supposed to transcend the conventional function of transportation
and become a new generator with a variety of possibilities.
It`s expected to enrich the future life and integrate brilliant elements of the city.  
Under this premises,
the competition takes
“BRIDGE-COMPLEX”as the theme,
renewal the Old City as the goal,
And help the Old City to realize its renewal plan.

Build a Bridge, Regenerate a City

In Yongxin, Heshui River tickles through the old city and leaves a pleasant image of the country life. In ancient times, there was a “Wenxing Floating Bridge” connecting the two sides of the north and the south at the competition site, which is for the convenience of the citizens. With time passing and changed circumstances, though the old bridge was removed, it still witnessed the historical context and it contained group memory of Yongxin people living near the water. Today, “BRIDGING” Yongxin Old City Wenxing Bridge International Design Competition is initiated at Wenxing bridge’s previous location. When the new bridge is completed, it will work as a modern interpretation of the city’s history and a link among Mountain, River and the City. Accordingly, it would revival the vitality of the Old City and create new experience for residents and visitors of the Old City.    
Yongxin Old City after the rain ©CBC

“BRIDGING” Yongxin Old City Wenxing Bridge International Design Competition


Overview of “BRIDGING” Yongxin Old City Wenxing Bridge International Design Competition
As an important renewal zone in the “Rediscover Yongxin” Old City Renewal Plan, Yongxin Old City Wenxing Bridge International Design Competition was jointly sponsored by the Yongxin County People’s Government and CBC (China Building Centre). It is hoped that the linkage among space, culture and life on both sides of Heshui River can be connected through the competition, and new life of Yongxin Old City can be created, so as to attract global attention and build a new image of Yongxin Old City. Thus help the city’s renewal plan.
“BRIDGING” Yongxin Old City Wenxing Bridge International Design Competition focus on “Bridging”. The theme of competition is BRIDGE-COMPLEX. Careful consideration is needed especially the real site environment near Heshui River, since the main subject Wenxing Bridge will later work as a link, connects the key locations along the river like Linjiang Building and Hunan-Jiangxi Wharf and stitches the banks of Heshui River Blocks and landscape belts when it is implemented. The competition is open to designers and students worldwide and it is aiming to collect original designs under the schemes of “BRIDGE-COMPLEX” with merits like foresight, creativity and implementation.
Competition Name
Yongxin Old City Wenxing Bridge International Design Competition

Registration Deadline
24:00 ( GMT +8), September 1st, 2020

Submission Deadline
18:00 (GMT +8), September 15th, 2020



First Prize - (1 Team)
Honor Certificate + Bonus 300,000 RMB (before tax, around 42,000 USD)

Second Prize - (1 Team)
Honor Certificate + Bonus 200,000 RMB (before tax, around 28,000 USD )

Third Prize - (1 Team)
Honor Certificate + Bonus 100,000 RMB (before tax, around 14,000 USD)

Honorable Mentions (several teams) : Honor Certificate

Yongxin County People’s Government

“Rediscover Yongxin” Old City Renewal Project Leading Group
CBC (China Building Centre)

Academic Support
International Urban and Rural Innovation & Development Research Center

Media Support
Urban Environment Design (UED) Magazine
Theme Interpretation
“BRIDGING” Yongxin Old City Wenxing Bridge International Design Competition not only aims to connect the physical space on both sides of the river, but also focus on connecting the old city culture and people’s life, linking the new and old urban areas, and activating the blocks and landscape belts on both sides of the river.

The competition takes “BRIDGE-COMPLEX” as the theme, transcends the conventional “bridge” functions of transportation and tourism, strives for the “bridge” design with a variety of possibilities and implementation. “Building” (refers to Linjiang Building) as an important node will be integrated, linking the life and space of both banks, further would enrich the modern typology content of “bridge”. The competition focuses on promoting the old city’s renewal plan with the mode of “BRIDGE-COMPLEX”, creating a new local “bridge” life of the old city, taking it as the generator of urban spirit and cultural life, cultivating new urban characteristics, and providing rich and vivid new perspectives, new stages and new highlights for the future life of the old city.

Aerial View of Wenxing Bridge’s North Side ©CBC

Design and Research Scope

Design Contents

Conceptual Scheme Design of Wenxing Bridge and Linjiang Building
Design Scope

1)      The site is located at the Hunan-Jiangxi Wharf of the old city on the north bank of Heshui River, across Heshui River, and connects to Style Commercial Street Area on the south bank as well as riverside landscape belts and blocks on both sides. The bridge is about 150 meters long.
2)      Bridgehead space at north and south ends.
Research Scope

The spatial relationship among Wenxing Bridge, Linjiang Building, Hunan-Jiangxi Wharf, surrounding important cities and landscape nodes should be researched and expressed in the scheme design.

Competition Design Scope and Masterplan of the Surrounding Area

Design Principles

Comprehensiveness: To reflect thinking and coping strategy on the development of Yongxin new and old urban areas, urban landscape pattern and cultural heritage, etc.
Foresight: To ensure the authenticity, pioneering and creativity of the work, as well as foresee and lead the future development.
Implementation: The materials and construction forms of the design should be considered for future implementation.
Competition Requirements

The competition of “BRIDGE-COMPLEX” is not only a research and exploration of the function and format of “bridge”, but also a practice of urban public space renewal. The competition requires to focus on the contemporary sociality and urbanity of “bridge”, and emphasizes the research and expression of the relationship among “bridge, building and city”, so as to seek creative schemes that can be put into practice.
Bacis Requirements

1)      To comprehensively consider the terrain around the site and the landscape pattern of the old city, as well as interpret the landscape effect of the bridge and the surrounding water, tower, city and mountains.
2)      To comprehensively consider the design of Linjiang Building and Hunan-Jiangxi Wharf, especially the location relationship between Linjiang Building and Wenxing Bridge. The number of floors of Linjiang Building is required to be 2~3.
3)      To comprehensively consider the design of the bridgehead space on the north and south sides of Wenxing Bridge, as well as the organization of the distribution space, especially the connection with the banks.
4)      To take particular consideration of the connection mode between the bridge and the planned tunnel, as well as the revetment on both sides (Fig. 1 and Fig. 2 refer to the physical location and space ).
Creative Requirements
1)      Innovative Form and Stable Structure: On the premise of structure stability, it is required to show the structure and space composition of innovation and practice integration. Based on the real site, it is also required to make connections between the northern and the southern sides.
2)      Dynamic Space and Multiple Vitality: An ornamental, tourable and playable vital place; a base with various formats such as public facilities, culture and commerce; a life zone that can overlook the scenery on both banks and the old city, as well as walk and communicate.
3)      Future Life and New Experience: To accommodate and promote new life in the future as well as building a full-time “BRIDGE-COMPLEX”, it is required to consider various elements such as night scene lighting, evening entertainment, night economy, ecological planting of four seasons, etc., so as to create a bridge life circle with endless possibilities and continuous evolution.

Yongxin Overview

As an old city with a history for thousands of years, Yongxin embodies its unique gene of “rich humanity, red history and beautiful ecology”. As the hometown of He Zizhen who was the wife of Chairman Mao, Mao once said that Yongxin should be vigorously developed. Yongxin has shown prosperity of human culture since ancient times, and now it becomes the hometown of Chinese folk calligraphy. Also it contains a profound red revolution culture as the core of Hunan-Jiangxi Revolution, which has made outstanding contributions to the establishment of new China.

Haitian Chun Teahouse ©CBC
A Peaceful Old City, Looking Forward to Regenerate
Now, Yongxin Old City owns a large number of well-preserved architectural remains in the Ming dynasty, Qing dynasty and the period of Red Revolution, as well as the landscape pattern of the old city that continues up to now. However, many architectural remains are in bad disrepair for a long time, and the development of the old city, like many other counties in China, is facing numerous issues such as slow economic development, lack of industrial vitality, gradual brain drain and it is in urgent needs to improve the infrastructure and regenerate  the city. Therefore, how to protect, inherit and take full advantage of Yongxin’s rich and unique cultural resources and historical genes are both challenging and promising for the development of Yongxin in the new era.

Sunset shines in Yongxin Heshui River ©Yongxin County People’s Government

 “Rediscover Yongxin” Old City Renewal Plan

Under this premise, the Yongxin County People’s Governmentand CBC (China Building Centre) jointly initiated “Rediscover Yongxin” Old City Renewal Plan. Taking the features and culture of Yongxin Old City as the carrier, guided by design, culture and art, Yongxin Old City has carried out practical operation to solve difficulties as well as future-oriented renovation and transformation through events, communities and industries. So far, the planning team led by Yang Baojun, Former President of China Academy of Urban Planning and Design, and the landscape team led by Wang Xiangrong, Dean of College of Landscape Architecture at Beijing Forestry University, have conducted in-depth research on the old city, optimized and upgraded through planning and design.

Registration and Work Submission

1)      Individual participants and teams are encouraged to register, if architects participate as a group, at least one of the team members should be specialized in architecture or relevant fields, such as planning, landscape, art and intelligent design etc.
2)      For registration, please log in the competition website:, click “register/sign-up” to register and fill in the information;
3)      After filled in the registration form, participants will get a serial number which is the telephone number (please take care to preserve it as each participant/participating team has only one serial number).

1)      All participants are required to submit digital files, including drawings and other related information, for detailed information please see Submission Requirements;
2)      The e-mail must be named as "Submission + Title of Work”. The organizing committee does not accept any hard copy. All design panels of participants will be printed in an unified format for jury review.