SUBMISSION DEADLINE: 31ST August, 2020 18:00 (GMT+8)
All participants are required to submit digital files, including drawings and other information to the email address:
-The email title should be named as “International Team + Submission + Title of Work”.
-The Organizing Committee does not accept any hard copy.
-All design panels of participants will be printed in a unified format for jury review.

I. Document Requirements:
(1)Competitors are required to attach a recognizable scanned copy of their identification to their email submission (scanned copy of ID for Chinese participants and scanned copy of passport for international participants). To compete as a team, all team members should provide scanned copies of identification. 
(2)Submission should include a document (txt/word format), with the project title as the document name, within the document, full name of all team members, registration serial number, email, telephone number, team name/name of academy, project title as well as project description should be included.
(3)Competitors should download the “Original Works Statement” from the official website, sign, scan and submit it within the email submission along with the entry.
II. Panel File Format Requirements:
(1)Submitted panels should be in JPG format, with resolution no less than 300dpi, the long side of the panels should be no less than 1500pixels. Please name submitted panels in accordance to panel content (e.g. XXX floor plan 1).
(2)Text documents should be in TXT or WORD format, and should be sorted and organized within a folder with the name of the work.
III. Submission Requirements:
(1)Panels should be in A1 format (594mm x 841mm) in landscape orientation, each submission should include at least 3 panels, if more than 3 panels submitted, only the first 3 panels will be reviewed. Provide panels that best express the creative intention of the work, such as masterplan, renderings, plans, elevations, sections, key details and diagrams, as well as a 500-word design description (integrated within the panels), the panels scale is not specified. The style and scale of panels shall be at the discretion of each competitor, if there is a physical model involved, photographs of the physical model can be included.

Panel requirements as shown below:

(2)Other auxiliary information may also be included in submission (such as design booklet, video, physical model, etc.)