On November 1st, 2020, the final review of "Kaizhou New City International Young Designer Competition" was successfully held in Kaizhou, Deyang City, Sichuan Province. Several renown scholars, architects, designers and architectural educators were invited as juries for the review session. After several rounds of evaluation, the result was finalized.
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Competition among future cities will be dominated by the quality of public spaces and regeneration. While the public space is no longer restricted by simple and functional concept of connectivity, which has evolved into a multi-dimensional and interdisciplinary experience field that can reflect urban life. In this context, “Kaizhou New City International Young Designer Competition” takes ecological environment as the core, with an emphasis on the quality of life, we aim to start a global discussion regarding the core values of public space. This is an exploration of the quality of public space and a journey to find originality and artistic creativity.
“Kaizhou New City International Young Designer Competition” takes the Central Park as the carrier as well as the reserved development plots and Renmin Canal as the design area.The competition takes on a micro approach and small-scale intervention to a specific site directly. Meanwhile, it places an equal emphasis on design and social perspectives. With the design of urban structures to stimulate the city’s vitality through urban renewal/repair functions, smart health or sports facilities, intelligent urban furniture, interactive art installations, intelligent lighting and way-finding systems, proposing new perspectives, new stages and new focus to enrich the daily life, in hopes of finally achieving the goal of livable city and natural harmony.



Hundreds of students and designers from institutions all over the world participated in the competition. 1 first prize, 3 second prizes, 8 third prizes and 18 honorable mentions were selected. The project “SPRING TOPS” SPORTS PARK from Wave Architects took the lead.

First Prize Work “SPRING TOPS” SPORTS PARK © Wave Architects

Project Description
“SPRING TOPS” SPORTS PARK is located in the southwest end of Central Park. Adjacent to the city to the south and the Central Park to the north, the park naturally becomes a link connecting urban life and nature. The inspiration for our design comes from our passion for sports. The core concept of the preliminary site planning is “motion” and “force”. The two main buildings - a local service center and family activities center - are shaped like two spinning tops in motion. The half-circular shaped audience stands to the north and south, as well as the public facilities in the south delineate the movement of the two spinning tops after the collision.  A complete set of landscapes, sports facilities, and service centers will not only contribute to the quality of life for the locals but also become a new attraction and landmark of Central Park.
Comments of the First Prize Work
Jury Chairman Hu Yue speaks highly of the first prize winning project.
 “ The work combines the indoor and outdoor space ingeniously and injects vitality into the construction of Kaizhou New City by taking sports as the theme. The shape of the top is lively and ingenious, which evokes memories of childhood.”
ZHU Xiaodi
The first prize work takes outdoor sports activities as the main function preset, expresses the mood and momentum of sports. It also has a clear space character, and the plan combines indoor space design to meet the needs of the public. The special shape also gives the interior space creates a special mysterious effect.
PENG Lixiao
Music and sports are both the ways to create a better life, while Kaizhou New City lacks sports facilities currently. The first prize work can not only be well combined with the environment, but also well handle the external space. The sports mode embodies the memory and atmosphere of childhood, which shows an excellent image.
LI Baofeng
The first prize work is a building group focusing on sports function, which shows two main characteristics. Firstly, it realizes the integration of architecture and landscape. Secondly, compared with traditional sports facilities, it creates a unique space experience which can form a certain landmark after completion.
ZHU Ling
The first prize scheme is more suitable for the short-term construction. It is good for detonation of the site and improvement of the facilities.
HAN Yunfeng
The overall shape of the first prize work combines creativity and wallop. The gray exterior as well as the colorful and dynamic interior space leads to a comfortable scale.
Representatives from Local Government
Currently, the site lacks sports facilities. In the future, Kaizhou New City will be the place to gather all the young people together, while the diversified sports is in line with the development concept of Kaizhou New City in the future. Meanwhile, the top-shaped architectural form also has a sense of sport.

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Congratulations to all the designers and artists above!


HU Yue, National Engineering Survey and Design Master; Chief Architect of Beijing Institute of Architectural Design (Group) Co., Ltd. (BIAD); Chief Architect of Hu Yue Studio © CBC
ZHU Xiaodi, Founder and Chief Architect of ZXD Architects © CBC
PENG Lixiao, Vice President of the China Urban-Townization Promotion Council; Director of CBC (China Building Centre) ; Chief Editor of Urban Environment Design (UED) Magazine © CBC
LI Baofeng, Professor of the School of Architecture and Urban Planning, Huazhong University of Science and Technology © CBC
ZHU Ling, Secretary of the Party Committee and Professor of the School of Architecture and Urban Planning, Shenyang Jianzhu University; Engineering and Design Master of Liaoning Province © CBC
HAN Yunfeng, President of the Zhonglin Houniao Tourism Planning and Design Institute (Beijing) Co., Ltd. © CBC
Final Discussion Session© CBC
First Prize - (1 Team)
Honor Certificate + Bonus 100,000 RMB (Around 14,000 USD, Before Tax)
Second Prize - (3 Teams)
Honor Certificate + Bonus 30,000 RMB Each (Around 4,000 USD, Before Tax)
Third Prize - (8 Teams)
Honor Certificate + Bonus 10,000 RMB Each (Around 1,400 USD, Before Tax)
Honorable Mentions (Several Teams) - Honor Certificate

Sponsor: Kaizhou New City Management Committee of Deyang City
Organizer: Deyang Kaizhou Investment Development Co., Ltd., CBC (China Building Centre)
Academic Supports: International Urban and Rural Innovation & Development Research Center
Media Support: Urban Environment Design (UED) Magazine

Kaizhou New City International Young Designer Competition is based on the actual context of Kaizhou New City, taking the chance to design for Kaizhou is a good opportunity to rethink and look forward to future of the city from the ecological perspective. We appreciate the hard work and patience of all the candidates during this time. Now, the competition is over. Don’t be disappointed if you didn’t win the prize. We are looking forward to see you and your outstanding work in the next encounter.