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Urban Environment Design (UED) Magazine covers the frontier ideas and practice of architecture, predicts the trend of contemporary architecture, and analyzes the profound relations among architectures, events, city and environment. From domestic to international, from the established architect to emerging minds, UED Magazine reports the current significant events, competition, ideas, and works.
Founded in 2004, UED Magazine is organized by the school of architecture, Tianjin University and Liaoning Science and Technology Press. As a representative of the fourth generation China architectural media, UED magazine dedicates to the urban transformation of contemporary Chinese cities, to report urban regeneration, new town construction, rural spatial development projects domestically and abroad, also focusing on extended discipline such as urban governance, community construction and involvement, ecology, and energy conservation.
Driven by the rapid process of urban modernization, we launched "design for city” projects, a collection of projects involves series of forum, exhibitions, competitions, publications and cooperative design, which has great influence on the architecture and urban practice in many regions.
As a media platform, UED magazine is currently the largest Chinese Architecture Magazine, forming a platform for architectural design industry. It set up a new integrated cultural transmission mode, connecting magazine publication, events, and news together to lead the field. 
We has been awarded as the only Architecture Media entering the top 100 Medias in China by Research Institute of People's Daily. Our magazine has also won the title “China's most beautiful Journal” on the Chinese journal Trade Fair.
Recently, with globalization and China`s booming, UED have organized an increasing number of international competitions and international forums. UIA-HYP Cup International Student Competition in Architectural Design has been organized for five years. Others competition involved in landscape design, puncture design, urban design like “RUINS·REBIRTH” Dongjingyu Village Regeneration International Landscape Design Competition,International shopping plaza concept competition,Q City Plan International Design Competition and so on. We dedicates to architectural education, inviting amount of masters like Mario Botta,Thom Mayne,Hans Stimmann,Winka Dubbeldam,Vicente Guallart,Jacques Ferrier,Thomas Coldefy, to give master lectures for public and unviersity. We also successfully held international exhibitions, namely “From Beijing to London: Contemporary China Architecture exhibition" in London, and Process - EUMake_EUSight cutting-edge design activities: Advanced Architecture and generative design" in Shanghai. We are proudly to keep up pace with the world, bridges between east and west, and contribute to a better future for architecture industry.